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Snow Plows

Personal Use

Clearing Your Pavement Has Never Been Faster or Easier We all have better things to do with our time than clearing our drive ways, but it is just something that must be done. So do it with ease from the comfort of your SUV or truck.

Professional Use

Meyer’s Drive Pro™ is the most rugged and easy to use snowplow. It is ideal for tight residential areas or long driveways. Suited to ½-ton or light pick ups and SUVs, contractors appreciate the maneuverability and quality construction.

Tough Lightweight

Weighing in at only 405 pounds, the Drive Pro™ is strong where it matters. It is made with the same heavy-duty rams and hydraulics as Meyers’ full-sized plows.

Strong but Gentle

Residential contractors must be agile and quiet as well as gentle on decorative surfaces such as stamped concrete or pavers. Meyers’ rubber and poly cutting edges (sold separately) are designed to be quiet and gentle on surfaces while being strong enough to do the job.


Meyer’s Drive Pro™ can be fit for almost all light duty and ½-ton pick up trucks as well as most full-size SUVs.

Finally, A Full-Performance Plow for SUVs

Get the Best Performance From Your Utility VehicleMeyer’s Drive Pro™ plow is the best solution for plowing sidewalks, long driveways, or any space where a truck may be too large. This contractor-grade, fully functioning plow comes in 2 moldboard sizes (6’ and 6’8”) to fit any situation.

Remote Positioning

Meyer’s Drive Pro™ maneuvers up, down, left and right with full remote control. Full-trip
moldboards are designed to absorb impact caused by snow covered objects such as
uneven sidewalks and pavement, protecting both the equipment and the operator.
Snow deflectors are easy to add with the pre-drilled holes to deflect “blow-back”.


24 Hours Support During Snow Storms, If a Plow Breaks Down
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